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Bodybuilding Science Review - Issue #38

Brooooo,I've just recorded a huge video tutorial on building muscle with:- The key to building muscle

Bodybuilding Science Review

October 21 · Issue #38 · View online


I’ve just recorded a huge video tutorial on building muscle with:

- The key to building muscle as fast as possible (about 25 lbs in your first year of training and around 50 lbs of lean mass over the course of your lifting career).
- Big gains from short workouts: A little-known training technique that builds muscle in half the time! Researchers from Brazil have found that with this technique you should build just as much muscle with just 1 set than you would with 3 normal sets. With just this 1 tip, you’ll cut your workout time in half and you’ll potentially save hundreds of hours over the course of your lifting career.
- Why you must avoid this 1 common practice if you want to build muscle as fast as possible. Some really clueless coaches recommend you actually do this, but if you do, you’ll waste your life away training with exercises you’re not ready for. You’ll slow down your gains, and you won’t build as much muscle.
By the way, I’ve recorded this video tutorial as a test, and if the test fails, the video will be taken down. So if you’re serious about building muscle, then please take a moment to watch this now while the video is still online:
The key to building muscle as fast as possible (up to 25 lbs in 1 year)

Your bro in science-based natural bodybuilding,

Carl Juneau, PhD

Thanks Dan for that awesome review
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Implementing Flexible Training Templates: Why and How
Work volume and strength training responses to resistive exercise improve with periodic heat extraction from the palm. - PubMed - NCBI
Big Fitness Project: How Much Carbohydrate Can You Store?
Abandon Statistical Significance
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