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Bodybuilding Science Review - Issue #31

Hola:I think a lot about drop sets lately.Not sure I've reported on drop sets in the past (can't reme

Bodybuilding Science Review

July 22 · Issue #31 · View online


I think a lot about drop sets lately.

Not sure I’ve reported on drop sets in the past (can’t remember). But the first study below (By Fink, Schoenfeld et al.) showed up again and got me thinking.

They found 1 drop set lead to equal or better hypertrophy than 3 regular sets. It’s much faster, too.

In the second study down below (Ozaki et al.), one all-out mega drop-set boosted muscle CSA, strength, and endurance all at once.

Makes you wonder heh?

If you have something interesting to share about drop sets, just reply to this email (I still read all replies myself) or join the fun in our Facebook group:


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